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​​​​​​“Join this unique moment in time, to change the national narrative, consider the qualities we live by and build a positive, equitable, sustainable, successful future.” - John O'Brien, Founder of Anthropy


Start: 2 November 2022
End: 4 November 2022

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“Join this unique moment in time, to change the national narrative, consider the qualities we live by and build a positive, equitable, sustainable, successful future.”

John O’Brien, Founder of Anthropy


2nd - 4th November 2022  

3Days 12Stages 130+Sessions 300Speakers 1,200Participants


One Purpose:

‘A Vision For Britain’

As an individual, you have the opportunity at Anthropy of engaging in our nation’s future. Looking for the positive, bringing diverse experiences together, delegates will be able to participate in various discussions and workshops.

If you wish to be a part of this new national narrative, register now and secure your place at what is a significant moment in time for our nation and the world.


Our Gathering

Anthropy is a unique gathering of leaders from all sectors, concerned as to how we move forward as a nation. We are utilising this moment in time to think differently about our collective future and find new ways to inspire change. Anthropy affords a chance to re-assess what we value and what values will help create new thinking to tackle long standing challenges.  In convening Anthropy, we asked ourselves four key questions which will help formulate a new ‘Vision For Britain’:



What is the quality of life we want in Britain for the next thirty years?


What qualities of place and planet do we need to achieve that quality of life?


What qualities do we wish to see in a good economy and in the best of businesses and public sector organisations?

Global Perspective

What qualities do we want to express to the world, to help solve shared issues such as poverty, climate change and human rights?

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Anthropy has chosen Britain’s most renowned regeneration and sustainability project as its venue and strategic partner. For three days and two nights, multiple biomes and stages will offer thought-provoking
senior engagement opportunities.


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Why Now?

Anthropy was founded in 2021 as a result of concerns for the economic and social impacts of Covid 19 and the negative public discourse arising from the Brexit referendum and other challenging national issues. Its founder John O’Brien, challenged himself and his network to consider creating a shared moment to put aside divisions and focus on creating a new, longer term positive vision of Britain and its place in the world. Together the leaders of many hundreds of organisations have created the UK’s largest ever crowd sourced agenda and hope that with your participation, we can all collaborate to create a vision for long term change for the good of all.


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